About the Conference

The annual Alberta Harm Reduction Conference is one of a kind in Canada. The goal of the Conference each year is to raise awareness in Alberta about the application of Harm Reduction principles amongst Alberta service providers who deal with populations vulnerable to hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS, and to build capacities within those vulnerable communities.

Each year the Conference attracts individuals from many different backgrounds such as social workers, physicians, nurses, community outreach workers, addictions workers, and students from various faculties. We are particularly proud of hosting a large number of people who use or used to use drugs, and people involved in the sex industry. Presentations, workshops, and engaging panel discussions are the centre of each Conference, providing registrants with the most current and captivating information within the world of Harm Reduction.

This year, the 12th Annual Harm Reduction Conference is being held in Calgary, Alberta at the Coast Calgary Plaza Hotel. This event will continue to lead some of the most progressive harm reduction education and skill transfer opportunities in the country. The Conference will be held over two days and organizers are expecting approximately 300 to 350 registrants from Alberta and beyond.

The theme of the 2013 conference is Moving to the Mainstream. Throughout the past 13 years, Alberta service providers have handed the baton of hosting the conference each year in difference locations throughout the province. Since 2000, the Alberta Harm Reduction Conference has been one of a kind event in Canada. Each year, agencies, programs, individuals, groups, community members, and advocates throughout the world have joined together for this special conference and all participants leave with a new set of skills, knowledge and resources to bring home and share.